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January 28th, 2023



I am an independent singer/songwriter and producer based in Manchester, UK. 

Being a performing musician and singer for over a decade, 2020 was the year when I finally took the first steps towards becoming a recording artist as well. Having put my function band activity on hold due to the recent global pandemic, I decided to pull some of my older, unreleased demo songs out of the vault and present them in a more polished way to the world, and also record and produce new music that I'd like to share.

With influences ranging from indie folk to alternative rock to dream pop, my sound can perhaps be described as a blend of guitar-driven pop music distinguished by melodic elements, such as vocal harmonies, atmospheric keys and reverberating guitars.

My latest single, 'All We Have Is Now', is available now on every major digital platform along with all my previous releases.



Audio Tracks

Everything Is Not Yet Lost

Let's Go Back To The '90s


Never Alone

A Quest For Long Lost Memories

Better Days Are Here

Your Love Is My Last Resort

A Quest For Long Lost Memories, Part 2

All We Have Is Now

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Testimonials & Press

Vassilis represents the buried sound of pure songwriting and music that is driven by the weight of its words and instrumentation

- Atri Mukherjee, Sinusoidal Music
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Through his solo music, Vassilis looks to capture memorable moments and deliver them through an emotive soundscape

- Claudia Mendes, The Other Side Reviews
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Vassilis has a way of crafting melodies that, while outwardly simple, are exquisitely composed

- Kartik Sundar, Find No Enemy
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Using music to indicate a silver lining and positive approach to the future, Vassilis escapes the pain of modern life

- Chloe Mogg, RGM Magazine
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[Vassilis] has a mature sound musically and sonically, both of which rarely happen overnight

- JoeJoe Keys Indie Music Plus
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Vassilis has a way with words, such that his lines leave quite the impression once you’re done listening

- The Bops Collective
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Upcoming Events

  • 07/09/2022, Dulcimer Bar, Chorlton,
  • 07/02/2022, Love Unsigned @ The Peer Hat, Manchester, £5